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DXF to EPS file for Ponoko's Laser Cutting Service

I recently had the pleasure of creating a DXF file from a Solidworks model, opening that DXF file inside Illustrator and manipulating the DXF to match Ponoko's requirements (listed here).  For those who don't know, Ponoko is an online manufacturing house directed mainly towards hobbyists.  

The process was a bit messy and required some finicky edits to the Illustrator file to get everything to work.  Ponoko requires that files have different color lines to denote cutting lines, engraving lines and engraving areas.  The problem arises when engraved areas meet up with the cut lines and the same path needs to have separate stroke colors.  I created the video tutorial below to show the tools needed to accomplish the proper formatting.  Enjoy!

Skyler OlsenComment